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India is situated on a collision margin. The Indo-Australian and Eurasian plate collides into each other. Both of the plates can’t turn downwards so the land where the two plates meet was forced upwards. By this process the Himalayas were formed over the past 60 million years.celebrating National Day, on the same day an earthquake struck at 08:46 am in Gujarat scaled 7.7 Richter scale. Its epicenter was Bhuj; in this earthquake around 20,000 people died in first place, as the time passed the death toll increased by approximately 30,000 and 200,000 people were injured

.Children were the most affected by the earthquake because they have lost their lives or have lost the family members. the two main city hospitals were full of children. A school collapsed  trapping 30 young students. Schools will take time to work normally.

According to the Confederation of Indian Industries and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industrythe cost of reconstruction and extensive repairs of buildings have been estimated to the tune of US$ 33millions.
the impact of this earthquake was felt in the following places Delhi, Bombay,Jaipur, Chennai and in the town of Pondicherry in the south-east India as well as in neighboring  countires  like Pakistan , Bangladesh and Nepal.As with many large earthquakes, services like water, gas, electricity and sewerage provided through a network of underground pipes and cables were damaged when the ground flexed and moved. Broken pipes and cables led to loss of fresh water, sewerage discharges and no power in many areas. At the epicentre, in Bhuj, 95 percent of the town was left uninhabitable, with no water, electricity or shelter.

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The Japan earthquake occurred on the 11th March 2011. It was the largest earthquake that they have had since records began. It was originally measured as a 8.9 magnitude earthquake but this was later increased to a magnitude 9.0 as more detailed readings camein from seismographs and other equipment. This is an enormous earthquake and it is estimated that it released 10,000 times more energy than the magnitude 6.3 one in Christchurch, New Zealand, 17 days earlier - however energy released is different to magnitude. They are well prepared within 10 minutes after the earthquake it had been calculated that a tsunami had been formed and warnings were sent out using the Japan earthquake warning system. Text messages were sent to phones, alerts appeared on all TV channels, sirens went off and police alerted residents to the danger. However, people had became desensitised by so many false alarms and assumed tsunami walls could handle it, which meant that many did not evacuate. There have been over 11,000 Japan earthquake victims so far (as of 30/03/11), with over 17,000 still missing - many of which will also be dead. The predicted death toll is 18,000 however this is likely to increase.  
Within minutes of the Tsunami, Japan alerted its emergency response teams.
An estimated 100,000 people began the disaster relief mission.
The Japanese Red-Cross mobilised 230 emergency teams to the worst affected areas to provide medical and moral support to victims.
On 2nd April, Japan and the USA joined forces to search for bodies along the eastern coast.
Shelters were set up in schools for those who lived in close proximity to the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
Many NGO’s (Non-governmental organisations) responded to the hazard. For example: Shelter box sent 1,500 boxes of aid (Tents, Sleeping bags and bottled water) within the first month of the disaster.